Outsourced Web Development
& Design

Flexible and cost-efficient to meet your needs


Looking for a flexible and cost-saving solution for your website to be as creative, innovative, and responsive as possible? Wild now outsources our team of web designers and web developers to work on your projects and improve your website without having to recruit an in-house team of your own.

With either project-based or a monthly retainer of hours options, we provide our expertise in designing and developing new pages for your existing website. Our team can also help in improving your previously developed pages, with a UX/UI focused approach and technical audits.

Looking for an SEO agency in Singapore, or an SEO agency in Hong-Kong? We can manage your online reputation management as well.


Get the expertise without the commitment

Whether you need help in developing a new website, creating professional web designs or improving your existing online presence, our experts are here to help you. We will provide the exact service that you need - not more, not less!


Enjoy premium quality without the premium price

We work according to your needs: we can work project-based, monthly, yearly — however you prefer! We offer competitive prices for professional services from our experienced designers and developers.


360° service

Now that your website is the best it’s ever looked and performed, we can audit your website and your performance goals, and introduce you to our other departments: SEO, ads on social media and search engine, and creative content production!


  • Web Design Mockups and Graphical Elements
  • UX/UI Improvement
  • Leading-edge visual models delivered in XHTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Conversion Rate or E-Shop Optimization
  • Responsive & Custom Web Design
  • Website Development for Microsites, Brand Sites, E-Commerce, Landing Pages, Revamping.
  • Site Speed & Performance Optimisations for Desktop & Mobile
  • Platforms: WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, Drupal, etc.
  • Extra services: Maintenance Package, Annual Hosting & CDN Integration


We identify your business needs, set objectives, targets and recommend solutions.

Build & optimize

With a focus on responsiveness and UX/UI, our expert team delivers beautiful websites designed to quickly turn visitors into leads.


Test, learn, apply, repeat - The results of our analysis allow us to develop effective new strategies.



Based on a thorough understanding of your needs and a technical audit of your existing website, we help define a tailor-made strategy to improve your users’ experience.


We provide informed and innovative layouts, mockups, colours, and visuals, all selected to create an outstanding web user experience and adapted to the style and editorial line of your current website.


A major part of any web development project is relevant analysis. We test your web performance based on agreed KPIs.


Launch a new brand globally from scratch with search and social media strategies


Optimize google search for Patrimolink by participating in SEO and Google Adword campaigns, create to Facebook ads and content pillar posts.