Social Media Advertising

Helping reach your goals, be it qualified traffic, brand awareness or conversions


Social Media Advertising is a form of online advertising that places ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, targeting relevant audiences based on users’ demographic information, interests, and other personal characteristics. Social Media Advertising will help you reach your goals, be it getting qualified traffic, lead generation, online to offline, raising brand awareness, or increasing conversions.

We will help you craft tailor-made ads that will generate high CTR and engagement. We will also determine relevant and effective audiences, managing and optimising the ads throughout the duration of the campaign to maximise results.

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84 US$ Billion

This is the amount of money estimated to be spent on social media advertising in 2019 - and this is only expected to keep growing exponentially each year. Social media advertising is now the third-largest channel for advertising, becoming an invaluable means to reach your target audience.

Reach your
future clients

Advanced targeting options helps you learn a lot about your audience and find where your customers are.


your conversion

Launch the right campaigns including lead generation, sales campaigns, and brand awareness to drive targeted traffic to your website.


Track your

Keep track and gain deep insight into your ad performance using data analytics. Understanding your results is the best way to constantly improve them.


  • Social Media Advertising: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, WeChat, TikTok, Snapchat
  • Objectives: Brand Awareness, Local Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Engagement, App Installations, Video Views, Lead Generation, Conversions, Product Catalogue Sales, and Store Visits
  • Planning of content relative to each target and message – Placements, Budget, Schedule, Format, Media (text, images, and videos), and Additional Creative Content
  • Segmentation and Targeting Strategies relative to each message – Location, Age, Gender, Language, Interests, Behaviors, Connections, Custom Audience, and lookalike Audience
  • Performance of KPI: Frequency, Amount spent, Cost per result, Page likes, Post engagement, Likes, Comments, Shares, Website clicks, etc.


We will group your target audience based on demographics searches and create campaigns that will improve your results.

Campaign launch

We will use social media tools to their full extent to get the best prices, targeting and results for your paid traffic acquisition.



We will benchmark your products and services on social media. Then identify your needs and budget to set the right objectives and targets.


Measure the performance of your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn Social Media campaigns by using advanced tracking options.

TEST & iterate

Test and iterate to refine the audiences, timings, formats and content that engage the most and lead to more profits.


Leverage powerful tools and design effective campaigns to help Bombol increase its sales worldwide

Pernod Ricard

Build a community of Nightlife enthusiasts and Fine beverage connoisseur around best food and beverage deals in Hong Kong.