Metaverses &

Creation and promotion of web3 assets including
NFTs on relevant channels like landing page, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Influencers,…

The endless possibilities offered by the blockchain and the metaverses make it hard for brands to find their path in an always evolving and unregulated environment. 

Wild and its team of experts help you see beyond the buzzwords and better apprehend the actual opportunities behind the trends to position yourself in the smartest and most cost-efficient way. Our Metaverse and NFTs agency builds assets that actually make a difference.

41 B $

It is the amount of cryptocurrency that was sent to two types of Ethereum smart contracts associated with NFT marketplaces in 2021 and is catching up to the total size of the global fine art market.


Guiding you at early stages

  • Understanding decentralization, digital property, consensual mechanism (e.i. POW, POS, POC), the different blockchains, definition and stakes related to NFTs and other metaverses
  • Elaboration of a comprehensive roadmap to unlock the channels that speak to the right audience
  • Conceptualization of your buyer personas, choosing the right blockchain, metaverse to be visible to the right users
  • Evaluating your NFT rarity and establishing a rarity chart
  • Marketing Plan
  • Boost your roadmap to create a sustainable and scalable project
  • Determining pricing strategy integrating gas fees cost and fair clearing price

Collaborating with you at advanced stages 

  • Connecting you with our exclusive network of developers for all stages of your project
  • Collection coded generation  
  • Upload on the blockchain 
  • Creation of Custom smart contracts
  • Development of your Mint page 
  • Landing page (back and front) and more

Bringing together the community you deserve

  • Niche and Mass Crypto Media
  • Crypto content creators
  • Set-up and manage all the key social channels (Discord, Twitter, Instagram) both organically and through advertising
  • Social Community Growth and Management
  • Influenceurs Campaigns and Shoutout to Shoutout campaigns

Comprehensive Training

Consulting and workshop to give you the keys to launch effective strategies on the Blockchain integrating NFTs and Metaverse content.


Metaverse assets conceptualization and development

Identifying the most adapted strategies to your industry to help you become pioneers in the virtual world and help you build meta assets that make you stand out.


NFTs creation and promotion

Leverage our pool of artists and developers to design thrilling and valuable NFTs that catch the eye of minters.


Collaboration with our artists and 3D designers to create rare and qualitative assets.


We run comprehensive strategies on the meaningful social media platforms (Discord, Twitter, Instagram) and rise the interest, create a hype.



We will help you to create an effective strategy while integrating NFTs and Metaverse content.


Drafting of smart contract, development of the metaverse, marketplace setup and wallet creation.


We negotiate and collaborate with the most influential individuals and media who resonates among your buyer persona audience.