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Your Ultimate Guide to SEO Audits in Hong Kong

If you have a business in Hong Kong or neighboring markets, it requires an online presence because more people are online and on social media. It is estimated that about 88% of the Hong Kong population uses social media.

To be able to take advantage of digital marketing, you need regular search engine optimization (SEO) audits, but where do you start? Here is a comprehensive guide to SEO audits in Hong Kong. 

seo audits in hong kong

What is an SEO Audit?

Before looking at the benefits that come with carrying out regular search engine optimization (SEO) audits, let’s start with the definition. An SEO audit is the process of identifying issues that can prevent or compromise ranking on search engines, such as Google and Bing.

It involves modifying and strengthening the online relevance of your pages through evaluation of the most important components of your pages or sites.  

Consider SEO audits like taking a car to have the oil changed to keep different parts running optimally. Therefore, the SEO audit evaluates the technical infrastructure of your site, on-page components, and off-page particulars to increase visibility by search engines, usability, and conversions.

Indeed, an SEO audit touches on every aspect of your website and online presence. This is why you should ensure it is done by experts to get the anticipated results for your business. It can be helpful as well about for your online reputation management.

Remember that even if everything appears to be working well, the chances are that you can get even better results by doing an audit. Indeed, it is not just businesses that should carry audits. If you run an NGO, government department, personal blog, or target to enhance your social media presence, an SEO audit will be very useful. 

The Main Types of SEO Audits 

SEO audits can be broken down into several categories, including: 

  • Technical SEO Audit

This category of SEO mainly targets assessing the technical parts of your website, such as on-page components and indexability. For example, your audit will need to check how the site’s metadata is used and the XML map. It is advisable to run a technical SEO audit before content audits.

  • Local SEO Audits 

This category of audit is, in many aspects like technical audit, but it puts more focus on the performance of the business website. The audit provides the baseline of how your website ranks locally on search engines, such as Google, before it can be moved to the global audience. Failure to optimize a website locally will result in a huge loss of potential for growing conversions. 

  • SEO Content Audit 

This type of audit provides you with a deeper insight into the page or website’s indexable content. The analysis allows you to establish the pages or content that is attracting traffic and those that need to be updated or removed. The audit also allows you to identify and clear duplicate content to remove gaps that make site ranking a challenge. 

Benefits of Carrying Out SEO Audits in Hong Kong 

There are a number of reasons why you should conduct an SEO audit for your site or pages. These benefits include: 

Enhanced Organic Search Visibility 

To improve your site’s ranking on search engines, it is crucial to start by understanding what exactly you get ranked for. To rank well, you should start with a good keyword strategy.

By understanding your targeted market and important players, especially competitors, it becomes easy to develop a reliable SEO code for your site. The code also simplifies the work of search engines so that they can easily pick what your site/page ranks for depending on on-page optimization and content

SEO audit involves comprehensive keyword research and discovery, which is incorporated into your on-page code as well as off-site advertising. With good organic visibility, you are sure to enjoy higher traffic and conversions from online marketing content. 

You are Able to Generate Better Content 

An SEO audit in Hong Kong done by professionals can evaluate and improve your site’s main areas, from user engagement to bounce rates, for better search engine indexing. The audit makes it possible to understand what categories of content are preferred by your clients.

For example, do most of your clients want videos, infographics, or text? 

By giving your visitors more engaging content, they will keep coming back for more and refer the site to others. Also, the audit will reveal the best time and frequency of publishing new content in your site or other locations. Quality is king when it comes to content marketing, but you must ensure that clients do not get the same content all the time because it will look stale. 

Enhanced Site Usability 

Your site’s design and operation are restricted by the SEO team and its imagination. Therefore, a busy web page with a lot of information can get pretty complicated, lowering readability. In such a case, visitors are likely to quickly exit the pages and move to competitors. 

SEO audit makes it possible to determine which areas should be simplified for better usability. Therefore, you should ask the big question, “What structure and functions should be included in your website?”

When a client clicks on an icon, it should open to reveal more information and provide links to other pages that might be of interest. If you have a post on, say, the best recipes for cutting weight, ensure to include links that allow visitors to jump to other pages for more details without necessarily having to click back. 

Enhanced Conversion Rates 

For most companies, the primary goal for their marketing campaigns is driving traffic and conversions. So, are your efforts achieving the results? Can the results be optimized to get something better? SEO audits can help you review your website’s efforts for driving conversion and their success rates.

The main areas of focus when targeting to improve conversion rates include landing pages, call-to-action, and content. 

We must say that improving conversion is never easy. This is why experts in SEO audits always insist on regular testing, tracking, and analysis. Again, you must be prepared to change your strategies, digital campaign designs, and content to achieve better results. To get it right, the best method is to work with an expert. 

A Checklist for SEO Audits in Hong Kong

Now that you know the main benefits that come with running an SEO audit, let’s turn to specific considerations. Here is a complete checklist of all the components that you need to check: 

  • Check whether the website is mobile-friendly
  • Ensure that only one version of your site is indexed by search engines. 
  • Check and improve your website’s speed. 
  • Determine if your website has indexing issues. 
  • Check the website’s organic traffic. 
  • Set up tracking for your keywords. 
  • Run competitor analysis. 
  • Optimize your website’s user experience signals. 
  • Flatten your site’s architecture. 
  • Check for broken links and fix them. 
  • Analyze backlinks from your content. 
  • Optimize content for featured snippets

These are some of the crucial actions that you need to undertake SEO audits. Do they look many and complex? Are you wondering where to get started? We must say that it can be pretty complex understanding all optimizations and technicalities involved, but it is absolutely crucial.

This is why you should seek the services of an agency of experts in SEO audits in Hong Kong. The professionals have the best tools for the audit, experience and are willing to help make your digital marketing the best. 

One of the best firms for SEO audits is Wild Solutions. They have been in the market for years, helping both startups and well-established brands get it right with their digital marketing.

This is now your turn to get assistance with every component of SEO audits and digital marketing, keywords research to specific campaigns. Visit Wild Solutions now to learn more about SEO audits and how to do it correctly.