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Technical SEO Consultant

When done right, SEO can be the difference between a site that ranks at the top of the search engines and one that’s buried deep in the search engines. What we can all agree on is that you need good SEO practices. SEO has 3 tiers: On-page SEO, off-page SEO, and Technical SEO.

While most people are obsessed with the external factors that affect a business website (off-page SEO), a few give little thought or go full scale on technical SEO (Isn’t it about time you went for a technical SEO consultant?).

Technical SEO, as the name suggests, deals with technical aspects of a website. It basically entails optimizing the backend of your site to enable search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) to find, index, and crawl web pages with the sole aim of increasing ranking of the said pages.

In simple terms, technical SEO is more or less part of on-page SEO and primarily focuses on improving certain aspects of your website which you have control over with the end goal being higher rankings.

Technical SEO Consultant

Technical SEO Consultant : What you need to know

Having said that, you will agree with me that quite a good number of us are not tech savvy. We aren’t used to working out digital strategies on how to better serve our customers, how to increase stock, how to increase social media engagement, interactions and what not.

Terms such as 404 errors, cloaking, canonical tags, XML sitemaps, 301 redirects, URL structure, Hreflang, site architecture, structured data just to mention but a few, seem Greek to us.

It is for this reason that a technical SEO consultant comes in handy when dealing with technical aspects of a site. Truth be told, technical SEO is the foundation of your website. As the age old adage goes: A house built on poor foundation has no life. It doesn’t matter how good the plan is or how good the interior design is. It will eventually come tumbling down. The same applies for your website.

Your website can have the best content, a good number of quality inbound and outbound links and still come short. Reason? Poor technical SEO.

Technical SEO Consultant

Characteristics Of A Technically Optimized Site

I know it can be quite a lot for you to fully grasp or understand the scope of technical SEO. You are not alone. Technical SEO can be quite complex but not that really hard to understand if you are willing to learn. However, as you will all agree, learning technical SEO from scratch can be quite time consuming. Discover our Singapore SEO agency here.

A technical SEO consultant should be able to diagnose the health of your site, offer remedies, and get you competing back into the game with your competitors. With that said, what are the attributes of a properly technically optimized site?

  1. It’s fast. Sites that are slow to load lead to high bounce rates and hence loss of business. Site speed is a major ranking factor. The faster the site, the higher your prospects of ranking highly.
  2. Doesn’t have broken or dead links. Ever clicked on a link and got the 404 error? How did you feel? Probably quite annoyed, right? Dead links mean bad user experience and you know what this means for your business. Traffic flies out the window. A website that is technically optimized has very few or no dead links.
  3. It’s Crawlable. Of what use is your website if search engines cannot index and crawl its web pages? How will potential clients find you if search engines can’t index or crawl your site?
  4. It’s secure. Google ranks the security of a website high up there. A site that is properly optimized technically is secure. People will interact with a website where they are assured that their private information or credentials are safe and cannot be intercepted by a third party. Explains why Google ranks HTTPS sites higher than HTTP.
  5. It contains structured data. This helps search engines such as Google or Bing to have a better understanding of your website.

Now that you know the attributes of a technically optimized website, you appreciate the fact that Technical SEO consultants play a huge role in achieving that. In fact, you need a technical SEO consultant that understands his craft, is passionate, knowledgeable, has a proven track record, and more than willing to take your business to greater heights.

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What Elements Of Your Website Does A Technical SEO Consultant Help To Optimize?

Design Optimization

The design of your website should be appealing and provide a good user experience. A technical SEO consultant will be able to ensure that your website design is properly optimized, easily navigated, images properly laid out with proper alt attributes, and bounce rate drastically reduced.

Page Load Speed 

No one likes a slow site. It’s frustrating. If your site is slow, you are most likely losing a lot of business because of that. A technical SEO consultant’s core mandate is to ensure that your site loads at lightning speed. Users are more likely to click away if your website takes more than 4 seconds to load.

Slow site speed signifies to search engines that visitors are having a bad user experience which inadvertently leads to poor ranking.

Mobile Responsiveness

A lot of people nowadays access web pages through their mobile phones. You enter a train or bus and you will notice people glued to their phones. They could be on a social media site, reading a captivating article online, searching a product, or simply reading a review of a certain product or service before making a buying decision.

Search engines rank mobile responsive sites higher than those that are unresponsive. The fact that visitors can see your website regardless of which device they are using is a major win in so far as higher ranking is concerned.

A technical SEO consultant plays an integral role in optimizing your site to be mobile responsive.


Link optimization

A technical SEO consultant will analyze links on your site and come up with a proper linking strategy with the sole aim of improving ranking of your site. He will check and remove dead links, broken links, advise you on how to use proper anchor texts, link your pages together through internal links, and have an appropriate number of external links.

Page Structure Optimization

How are the pages on your website structured? A technical SEO Consultant will have a proper look at your page structure and evaluate if headers are used appropriately (H1,H2,H3 headers), featured snippets etc.

In conclusion, technical SEO is key to higher ranking of your website. Considering the fact that it is a bit complex, a technical SEO consultant agency such as Wild can help you technically optimize your site and achieve higher ranking.

Higher ranking means more traffic, more traffic means more leads, and more leads means more sales!

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