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Call-To-Action: The Key To Your Conversions

Call-to-action (CTA) is a web marketing term for a link or button on a page, designed to incentivize visitors to click it. – It is calling out for the user to take action! Most successful CTAs usually contain an action verb related to the commercial message. As the job of the call-to-action is to encourage the visitor to click it, it is leading directly towards a purchase or a conversion. CTAs can also be used to escort the lead through the purchasing journey, either by beginning the buying process or taking visitors to the next stage. As a result, calls-to-action are an essential element of your web communication because they allow you to generate conversions.



By clicking on a CTA, the visitor is performing a determined action. They are signaling their intent to buy your products, subscribe to your services or agree to provide their information in exchange for further interesting content. This intentional act turns the visitor into a customer and is, therefore, the culmination of your digital strategy. Each element of your communication, social networks, and your web page must value the call-to-action and place it in the centre of the page. Every aspect of your strategy should lead the visitor to that click.



Call-to-action incentives to purchase:

  • “Reserve now”
  • “Place your order”
  • “Add to cart”

Call-to-action encouraging contact:

  • “Contact us”
  • “Call now”
  • “Please call me back”

Call-to-action allowing the visitor to obtain content in exchange for their email address (as part of an Inbound Marketing strategy):

  • “Download the e-book”
  • “Learn more”
  • “Get a quote”
  • “Register now”

Calls-to-action can be present on all types of media, websites (landing pages, home page, product pages, and SEO pages), emails, and social networks.



Calls-to-action should be at the centre of your digital strategy, and need to be highlighted and easily identifiable. The visitor must see your CTA immediately and want to click on it. Its placement on the page is critical. The call-to-action must be arranged in a relevant way, and connected with your commercial message and site navigation.

If you want to increase the impact of your CTAs, their message and design should be determined with the help of communication professionals. Use an experienced web designer to create a call-to-action that is highly visible, and in harmony with your overall image and tone. Obviously, your CTAs must be easily accessible on all devices, including mobile platforms.

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To boost its effectiveness, your call-to-action must be perfectly aligned with the message of the page. Each web page must have only one call-to-action, be clearly identifiable, and correspond exactly to the desired message. One page = one message = one call-to-action. The type of conversion you ultimately require, and the action you want the visitor to undertake should be considered before planning every call-to-action during the web development of each page of your website. The overall message of the page must serve your commercial goals, and also be optimized for keywords based on the natural search patterns of your target audience.



As part of an Inbound Marketing strategy, every call-to-action must be optimized to be as efficient as possible. The placement, formulation, and utility of each CTA must be planned according to the chosen target. A/B testing is a great way to determine the effectiveness of a call-to-action. The implementation of a smart strategy makes it possible to evaluate the relevance of CTAs based on your results, and, if necessary, improve the methodology to increase the number of clicks and conversions.

If your site manages to mobilize traffic without generating conversions, you must honestly evaluate the relevance of your business message and the flexibility of the purchase journey. It may be necessary to review your web strategy to encourage visitors to become customers through call-to-action. With the proper message, placement, and optimization, calls-to-action will be the main driver of conversions for your website.