Good web marketing is a game-changer. Here at Wild, we have a passion for creating strategies that help businesses stand out and thrive online — strategies that exceed expectations and deliver profitable results.

A well-rounded plan takes into account all facets of digital marketing and strives to create synergy across all channels. This is why we are an agency that provides full 360° services in all things digital including web development, content creation, search engine marketing and social media strategy.

Every business is different and unique. For this reason, we believe in creating tailor-made solutions that suit each client’s specific needs and goals. Creativity and adaptability is key in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of digital marketing. We continuously test, adjust, and learn from our strategies in a process that is transparent and result and performance-oriented.

Our team is full of passionate specialists skilled in all aspects of digital marketing. With innovation and expertise, we plan and execute efficient and effective strategies. As an international and rounded team, we are adaptable, independent and dedicated to giving the best service to our clients.


We have extensive experience working with clients both big and small across a wide range of industries. This background has given us a broader perspective of what works and what is needed for different types of businesses. Allowing us to offer clients the most valuable and effective services.

Vivian Meriguet


Vivian has been a multi-entrepreneur since back in 2008, launching around 20 projects and managing 6 different startups all in the field of web.

Passionate by Search Engine Marketing and Digital Inbound Strategies, he has helped to deliver digital transformation projects for more than 200 brands in both B2C and B2B, and hired and trained more than 30 of talented digital marketers.

Lug Giroud


Lug started his journey in digital marketing in 2007 and since then acquired tens of millions of monthly visits on his own properties. 

He is driven by adaptive and iterative digital strategies, data gathering and ROI oriented growth hacking, which he often presents during public speaking events and marketing conferences.

Cat person.

Noe Clement

Partner - Technical Director - Managing Director of the Luxembourg Office

After an extended experience in IT engineering, team management, and with a background of over 150 website creations since the emergence of the Internet, Noé has joined WILD in 2015 to develop and lead the IT team.

He is now managing our Luxembourg office.

Cassandre Daigre

Partner - Managing Director

With more than 6 years experience in Digital Marketing, Cassandre has managed multi-channel strategies for more than 80 clients all over the world and trained hundreds of professionals on PPC, Social Media, Inbound Marketing in BtoB and BtoC. Her area of expertise goes from generating revenue for small businesses to building online exposure for big brands

Romain Chiaramonte

Partner - Managing Director of the Singapore office

Serial entrepreneur, Romain began his 1.0 adventures in 2006. He first created one of the first e-commerce platform dedicated to fair trade before launching the first web agency solely dedicated to social media in France (in 2009…remember how was considered Facebook at the time?!). Then, he literally felt in love … with SEO (a never-disappointing relationship since 2010)!

 He has known the pre-history of SEO and has acquired a long experience (more than 250 clients and dozens of topics), ideal for exploding your organic traffic.

Recognized expert, he notably offers his opinions on Forbes, Romain will guide you via the 3 pillars of SEO: technic, semantic and popularity!

Louise Schwab

Partner - Web Project Manager - Managing Director of the Paris office

As an internet baby born in the 90’s, Louise has worked in all things digital: copywriting, digital marketing, project management, SEO, ecommerce etc. She joined Wild in 2019 in Hong Kong and is now working from Paris, managing the French office, and the international IT projects hand in hand with Noé.

Raphaël Rocher

Partner - Head of Web3 Studio

Raph is your annoying nephew that ruins Christmas with his nerdy jokes, but that you call when you need to connect your new printer. Versatile marketeer with a degree in IT, he has worked in 5 different grounds and as many capital cities before joining Wild in 2019. Three years and a whole lot of successful campaigns later, he co-founded the Web3 Studio – that he leads since then – and brought Wild to the Metaverse. Pay attention to @RadBanana next time you hang out on Sandbox or Decentraland!

Brice Macqueron

Partner - Head of PPC & Performance Marketing